Recent Reviews of "The Falls":

~ Folk Hive: "White Pines "The Falls" :: Insert Synonym for Stunning Here..."

~ Their Bated Breath: "Scott, of the Ohio-based band White Pines, just has one of those warm folk voices that feels like the light in a room of darkness. It’s a soft breath across fading embers."

~ It All Started With Carbon Monoxide: "I had to listen to this album three times before I was able to leave the park. One of my favourites of 2010 – no question."


"I was immediately awestruck by the power and simplicity he was able to distill from his own personal experiences. It is a tone of chaotic beauty... truly appreciated in this sterile world."

- Garrett Woodward, Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

“Whispers of ambivalence and resignation were palpable in the songs Scott played, giving them a stirring candor. A true embodiment of midwestern folk music, Scott's storm-weathered voice and nuanced guitar made for a memorable late autumn evening.”

- Ben Evans, via The Huffington Post