“Bahhaj Taherzadeh is a singer-songwriter from Chicago who’s just put together a gorgeous EP of spare but emotionally wrenching acoustic songs called Ghostwriter. Taherzadeh, who records and performs under the name We/Or/Me, sings with a wise and slightly weary voice, strolling through delicate melodies and heartbreaking narratives reminiscent of Scottish folk artist Bert Jansch or Leonard Cohen. Taherzadeh keeps the instrumentation to a minimum, adding occasional female harmonies or a simple piano line to gently strummed guitars.” - –Robin Hilton, NPR All Songs Considered

“We/Or/Me are a wondrous group–not just for the restraint and care of their songwriting, but also for the way these songs are recorded, slow and breathing. “Tell Sarah” glows, just of itself, like fireflies in a jar. [highly recommended].”

...It’s beautiful, yes, but it’s also real. It sounds like someone in a bedroom hitting their glockenspiel with a stick. It’s a real thing, rubber or cork on metal, like all those other real things that happen to us. Like that world out there in the light and the heat. Like our hands right here, this couch, our breath.” - SaidtheGramophone.com