The Great American Desert - photo by DP Muller

The Great American Desert - photo by DP Muller

The Great American Desert is a collection of honest songs and stories of broken folks written and performed by Max Holmquist.

The calm, quiet life of a small Midwestern town moved Max Holmquist to pick up a guitar at the age of 15 and the introduction of alt-folk music shifted his tastes toward a love of storytelling.  He used this small town as the backdrop and inspiration for downbeat, minimalist folk tales of family, heartbreak and loss called The Great American Desert (formerly, South of Lincoln).

Themes of alcoholism, a sense of home, love triangles and heartbreak run thick through his music.

“I’m sort of obsessed with where home is and what it means to be home.  I’m interested in a connection with the land and how this moves and inspires art.” - Holmquist says.

His songs paint a picture that serves as a warning to those passing through.  They are often cautionary tales showing what can happen when people get lost in themselves.  Holmquist started working on his first album “Homes” in a local studio in the Fall of 2009.  He had help instrumentally from John Feuerbach (of Bandit Sound/The Incredible Heat Machine) and Matt Hova (of The Incredible Heat Machine/Plan C Recording Studio) playing Accordion and Keys respectively.  “Homes” was self-released in January 2011.  His second album, "The Monsters/Bathroom Sessions" was also self released in June 2011 and was supported by an East coast tour.

Now as The Great American Desert, Max Holmquist joins Yer Bird Records and we are excited to bring you 'Carson City' on June 26th, 2012.