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The songs relay an obscured North Dakotan narrative - unfolding through hints and suggestions like a strung-out reading of Springsteen's Nebraska. The world created by Garcia is one both mythic and tangible - showcased most strikingly on the apocalyptic fever-dream of his song ‘Crosses’ - and is created almost solely with his haunting voice, skeletal guitar work and rich, varied keyboard playing.

Yer Bird is very proud to release Nic Garcia’s The Desperate Ones - it is an album of both rare beauty and lurking danger from one of the Midwest’s great, largely-undiscovered voices. We are certain that the album will find favor with those who like Leonard Cohen when he’s menacing, Songs: Ohia when Molina is at his most gripping, Neutral Milk Hotel at their most lyrical, or even Sufjan Stevens when he strikes that perfect balance between naked language and brilliant ornamentation.