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GHOSTS I’VE MET is the project of Michigan born songwriter Sam Watts.

The group was formed by Watts in Seattle,Washington along with guitarist Ben Blankenship and cellist Brent Arnold both formerly of Seattle band Modest Mouse. Watts and company create songs that are simultaneously devastating, and soothing and are filled with hand tinted photographic imagery.  In 2010 they released their first collection of songs, an E.P entitled “Payphone Patience” which featured the drumming of Michael Lerner (The Antlers) and piano work from Darren Jessee (Ben Folds Five). The E.P released on Canadian folk label Yerbird marked the finding of what Watts would call his “Rhythm as a writer”.

In 2011 Ghosts released their first full-length vinyl album (also out on Yerbird) entitled “From A Spark” which features guitarist Bill Patton (Fleet Foxes, J.Tillman) as well as Jenna Conrad (Damien Jurado) The album Spent months on Seattle’s Kexp radio charts and warranted an In studio performance at the station.  Ghosts I’ve Met opened shows  in 2011 for  such acts as Jessica Lea Mayfield,,Dolorean, Pearly Gate Music and The Antlers.

“Sam Watts is like a Gram Parsons or Jay Farrar - generations removed yet tapped into music's old soul” Says Greg Vandy of Kexp Seattle “there’s a loneliness that penetrates just right. This is a band to watch. Great things are ahead”.