"...Standouts include the simply stunning title track “Payphone Patience”, with beautiful piano accents alongside a violin and masterful songcraft and the gorgeous “Ghost in the Snow” with it’s beautiful background vocals and woeful violin. Payphone Patience EP is an album of effortlessly tender and beautifully lush folk music that is filled with polished arrangements, warmly layered harmonies and strings." - Record Dept.

"Ghosts I've Met balance out a sincere delivery of late-night head-on-the-bar songs and slow-burning love ballads for the brokenhearted. What's even more impressive is that this wonderful sound comes from a band without a record on the shelves." - Portland Mercury

"The loneliness in their music feels like less of a curse and more like it did in '70s country music, when isolation was a welcome but no less painful blessing." - Seattle Weekly

"The group's contemplative, melancholy tunes never descend into nostalgia or self-pity they're the quiet guy in the corner spinning fascinating yarns for anyone with the attention span to listen."

-Nashville Scene

"Sam Watts is like a Gram Parsons or Jay Farrar - generations removed yet tapped into music's old soul. Watts is a gifted songwriter mature beyond his years, and one only needs to look at songs such as “Reno” to hear the heartfelt quality of his songs. And like an old Hank Williams, there’s loneliness that penetrates just right. This is a band to watch. Great things are ahead." - Greg Vandy - KEXP Radio Seattle