Tyler Butler Lakside.jpg

Edmonton, Alberta native Tyler Butler is known for his prairie musings and prolific stream of early EP’s. Butler started writing songs at an early age but his musical style was developed when he picked up an acoustic guitar at age 18.  Butler graduated from the University of Alberta as an English major, which has further influenced his songwriting by allowing him to weave his knowledge of Canadian folklore and colonial literature into his songs.

A self-taught musician, Butler has been immersed in the Edmonton scene since his first release with Labrador City Recordings in 2009.  A cornerstone musician for several grassroots labels, his recent move to Calgary based Yer Bird Records will see Butler reinvent his latest release, Winter King.

Butler’s submersion in his surroundings lends to his organic and earthy sound. A student of his environment, Butler continues to expose his most intimate moments in his songwriting.  His inclusion into the tightly knit indie music community continues to shape his perception of folk music and influence his storytelling.