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What is upcoming for Yer Bird Records? Glad you asked.

Well we finally got the link to the Folk Music For The End of the World compilation added to the sidebar - I think I blame the new guy!

Well with that link to your left, you might notice another mention of our "Folk Music For..." series that isn't quite ready to go yet.  Well that is a bit of a pre-curser to another compilation!  Yes, it's true.  We are moving ahead with the second in our series of "Folk Music For" collections and this time it is "What Lies Ahead".

This 2nd chapter's title is meant to represent the new launch of the label and we think we have a fantastic line up for this project.  While all artists have been confirmed, we are still working out all the finer details and are planning on an early summer release for both CD and digital options.  Once again we are going with some of our label roster and called upon some of our favourite musicians in order to put together what we think is a group of massively talented artists.  You are going to love this release, trust us.

We will update in the next weeks with leaks of who is included as everything gets finalized - so stick around.

~ Sandy & Judy

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We're Live! Yer Bird 2.0!

 So here we are on March 8th, 2010 and we just launched the new site for Yer Bird Records, hope you like it! There may be a few links we didn't catch and some that we did but didn't actually get around to fixing, so feel free to let us know if you find anything amiss.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to mention some of the items with the new site. Obviously it is blogger style (as I am used to it over at Slowcoustic, more on this below) but I hope it works for everyone.

Some of the new items I really want to focus on are:

  • Digital downloads! Look up, way up in the top right corner under the "Store" dropdown you will find "Purchase" - its there, we promise. We know sometimes you just need to download music on the spot, and now you can.  All downloads are available immediately after your payment is confirmed via download link!

  • With the digital downloads, we have 2 new offerings: Oweihops incredible (and personal favourite) debut album "Chickadee" and the fantastic 5 track EP by We/Or/Me called "Ghostwriter".

  • Yer Bundles. This is a new combined offering of existing CDs that offer a value in their quantity! The innaugural bundle is from Yer Bird Staple Hezekiah Jones - get all three discs for $20.00 - you can't beat that.

  • The closing of the Aviary project (for the time being). Unfortunately we simply don't have the resources and platform to continue and grow this part of the label. Of course, this is hopefully a temporary closure and we will launch again in the future for a subscription digital music forum. Stay tuned on this one.

  • The addition of Sandy &! You may know me (Sandy) from the music blog Slowcoustic and my wife Judy has joined in on this journey into Record Label ownership. All of you that are familiar with Morgan King, do not fret - he is still involved as one of our biggest contributors and advises us almost daily! We want you to know that we look to take an active role in all things Yer Bird so don't be afraid to contact us at!

Again, welcome, we hope you enjoy the new site.


~Sandy & Judy @ Yer Bird

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Welcome to Yer Bird Records

 We're moving (again)...things are happening, stay tuned!

News and info on all things Yer Bird to be announced shortly.

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