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Saturday Compilation update

Well a day late on this one, sorry folks!

We have another 2 artists to update you on for our "Folk Music For What Lies Ahead" compilation due out this summer, both with Yer Bird Record connections.

Firstly we have our Yer Bird Records resident story telling troubadour;

Luke Elliot!  Luke has provided an unreleased song to add to the compilation and once again takes you on a journey, this time with a tragic ending.  Some might say it is a story that might have had no other ending, but this isn't a dark tragedy, but more a story of events brought to fruition with his patented performance.  This one comes in almost as if it is a knee slapping ballad brought forth with (at times) furious acoustic guitar, electric accents and with accordion for good measure.  You don't want to miss it!


We are also proud to bring flecks of our previous compilation in both artist and sound:

Blood Warrior!  If you don't know already, last compilation featured O'Death - so it is fitting that this time we bring you Greg Jamie (of O'Death) and his fantastic new gothic folk band to this release.  We have preached to this in the past but the term "folk" goes for miles and Blood Warrior holds a strong place in this genre for us.  Think of a Southern gospel gone slightly awry, then got a soundtrack.  This stuff is the kind of music you dig your teeth into, layers of screeching, howling and hooks bound together with an often driving beat and Jamie's voice above it all.  This will be a band to watch (if you aren't already).

Aren't ya all getting excited?  We are!

~Sandy & Judy

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Yes, it's Friday...Comp Update!

Are you getting tired of all this carrot dangling?  Well it is getting closer folks, every day gets you closer to this collection of 18 tracks!  Lets get to it.

Today we'd like to announce more talent into the pool that is "...what lies ahead".  And once again, we are very pleased with ourselves in confirming:

Strand of Oaks!  Yes, it's true, we have a new unreleased track from Tim Showalter (or Strand of Oaks as we all know him).  Tim provides us with a sparse number that laments of a now one sided relationship.  There is always reminising on past love and I'm sure we have all thought the same thing at least once when Tim hauntingly chants " me again".  Surprisingly, it still feels hopeful and cleansing on the palette...enough so you only want to play it again.


We also have another great track from one of our favourite new songwriters out there:

Paul Masson.  This is the type of guy who sings everything into a song, and you are front and center with it.  His delivery is reminiscent of Ray LaMontagne if he were a little more gritty...possibly.  We think the song, which is a fully acoustic version of one of the tracks from his self titled EP (find that EP here), it is such a strong song that it will probably open the disc - it's a stunner and it will embrace your ears to bring you full force into "...what lies ahead".

~Sandy & Judy


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Friday Compilation Update, Part 4!

Hey all, we wanted to quickly advise of a couple more artists for the Folk Music For What Lies Ahead - so check below!

If one artist defined who we were, are and hope to be, it would be our next artist.  We welcome:

Hezekiah Jones!  Yes, we have convinced Raph and crew to provide an unreleased track for use and its another great example why he is a staple of the Philadelphia independent music scene.  We are still stunned by the Bread of Teeth EP and look forward to his next release of this pensive singer-songwriter meets bring the house down folk artist!  Recently featured on Break Through Radio's "Spotlight on the City" segment for Philly (see April 13th podcast on BTR), Hezekiah Jones is proving to be one of our favourite artists to watch.


We have also found ourselves working with the incomprable:

Micah Blue Smaldone!  Micah is one of those artists that create an experience for the listener.  His music takes you in, warms you and feels like it was always there but you just didn't know it yet.  One of the main reasons we found Micah is due to his absolutely stellar album "The Red River" from a couple of years back.  That album was such a moment, his sharp accents on the acoustic guitar followed by that voice - it was one of the most criminally underappreciated (outside of certain circles) album in a long time.  This time he has provided a song from the Red River Album sessions - you will once again get to find yourself immersed in this almost 8 minute opus.

There you have another update on what will be filling your ears this June!

~Sandy & Judy

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Friday Compilation update - Canadian Edition!

Here we are on another Friday and an update on more artists for the upcoming compilation.  We know we are draggin this out, but come on we need to put something on the website!

This time we decided to go with 2 artists that are both non Yer Bird and both Canadian.  Yes, now that we are based out of Calgary (thats in Canada) we thought we would attempt to bring more than just maple syrup and hockey to mind when you think of the Great White North.  You can now think of great music.

Firstly we are happy to announce Calgary's own:

Cam Penner!  Cam is still new to even our ears as his last album "Trouble & Mercy" was my introduction to this folk/roots/blues based singer songwriter.  The album blew me away and found its way onto our best of 2009 lists with his truly Canadiana tinged folk music.  The song we have is an alternate version (well live version) that shows a touch more grit than the album recording.   This is someone you all need to know - all those in the UK/Europe can check some upcoming dates on his website.


 For the next artist we go all the way to the East coast of Canada and bring you:

The Mountains & The Trees!  We are excited to bring this young talent and his amazing music on board.  Jon Janes, who performs as The Mountain & The Trees is in the midst of finalizing his first full length album and we are bringing one of these new tracks to our compilation.  While only having one EP to date (and a good one) after hearing this new track, I can only expect big things for Janes and the album.  You will truly enjoy this discovery (and once again if you in Eastern Canada or the UK, upcoming dates on his MySpace page)!

~Sandy & Judy

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Friday Compilation update - 2 more artists!

Friday news once again, so let's get to it.

The compilation is almost completed for "organizing" behind the scenes so we are still looking at a summer release - and we are getting more and more excited about it as it gets closer.

Today we are letting you know 2 more artists that are confirmed for "Folk Music For What Lies Ahead". So let's get on with it, the first artist is:

The Gunshy! We are lucky enough to have the chance to work with Matt Arbogast again and we have a new unreleased track for use. The song might not be as "dark" as some of his previous work, but that could be due to him penning this particular song on his wedding day. This is a very special song and we are honoured Matt has allowed its use. We can't wait till you see how fitting his song is with the theme "...What Lies Ahead" this summer.


Our next artist is once again taken from outside the Yer Bird Record stable of musicians. We have reached out and found ourselves working with the truly fantastic:

Sharon Van Etten! Yes, it's true. You will find yourself singing along to an unreleased track from Sharon that once again proves that it isn't "hype" over this new indie darling, but in fact she is a true talent. Her signature sound that drags you into it and holds you tight with delicate finger picking acoustics you can't resist. You won't want to miss this 6 minutes of beauty.

There you have it - see ya next Friday for another update.

~Sandy & Judy

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"What Lies Ahead" Compilation Teaser!

Hey Everyone,

It's Friday and you're in luck!

We have been busy here at YB HQ getting everything ready for the compilation.  We waited as long as we could but we are so excited at the amazing group of artists on our compilation - "Folk Music For What Lies Ahead" we thought we would release a few tidbits every Friday. 

As mentioned in the last post we reached out to our label artists as well as some folks we think make great music.  A great compilation and many a high-five ensued!!

First up:

The Yer Bird Records talent that calls Minneapolis home...Nic Garcia.  We partnered with Garcia for his third full length album "The Desperate Ones" in 2005 as one of our very first releases.  Once again Garcia provides a lush, deep and haunting melody.  We are lucky to have the track and I know it will quickly become a favourite.


For our next artist we travelled outside the Yer Bird family and found:

The incomparable Lotte Kestner.  You may be familiar with Kestner's work with Trespassers William and her phenomenal solo album "China Mountain" (2008), see Sandy's review on Slowcoustic here.  Kestner's angelic voice and poetic lyrics will leave you calmed, but wanting more...and more.

Come back next Friday for more inside scoop!

~ Judy & Sandy

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