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Folk Music For What Lies Ahead Released Today!

Today sees the long awaited (for us at least) release of the 18 track compilation "Folk Music For What Lies Ahead"!

We have blathered on about it numerous times, so just visit the compilation page HERE to stream some samples or purchase.  With the amount of great artists included, you really can't go wrong!

You can also pick up the release on your favourite "e-tailer" as well be clicking below:

Enjoy release day!

~Sandy & Judy

Compilation update, Friday Edition

Lets get on with it, we know...we know.

Today we would like to announce two more artists, both of whom we have been listening to for at least a couple of years with each captivating us and have provided some of our favourite music of the 2000's.

Firstly, we would like to welcome Michael Metivier, Aric Bieganek and Rebekah Dutkiewicz, or as you may know them:

Oweihops!  While we have been fans (and friends) with Mr. Metivier for years, the recording personna of "Oweihops" has grown since we first started listening.  While still being "acoustic" in style, they now bring in layers of strings, percussion and a fullness with the addition of Aric and Rebekah.  We have an original unreleased track that provides folk music with honest delivery and the sound of what could be a true folk band.  This is the wilderness, open fields and heart of rural Massachusettes put to song.


We then turn to the big city.  This is the sound of the Brooklyn put forth by

Ivana XL!  Dispite her penchant for "XL" as her moniker, this sprite of a singer songwriting beauty is definitely "XL" in what she brings to her music.  You can't help but find a spot for almost any song she has.  You can find dreamy pop or even pixie folk mixed with a down tempo indie finish that you will find yourself lost in.  We have a great acoustic unreleased track from Ivana that will cause you to listen over and over again, then find yourself singing it to yourself without even noticing. 

~Sandy & Judy

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