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Folk Music For What Lies Ahead Released Today!

Today sees the long awaited (for us at least) release of the 18 track compilation "Folk Music For What Lies Ahead"!

We have blathered on about it numerous times, so just visit the compilation page HERE to stream some samples or purchase.  With the amount of great artists included, you really can't go wrong!

You can also pick up the release on your favourite "e-tailer" as well be clicking below:

Enjoy release day!

~Sandy & Judy

"What Lies Ahead" Compilation Teaser!

Hey Everyone,

It's Friday and you're in luck!

We have been busy here at YB HQ getting everything ready for the compilation.  We waited as long as we could but we are so excited at the amazing group of artists on our compilation - "Folk Music For What Lies Ahead" we thought we would release a few tidbits every Friday. 

As mentioned in the last post we reached out to our label artists as well as some folks we think make great music.  A great compilation and many a high-five ensued!!

First up:

The Yer Bird Records talent that calls Minneapolis home...Nic Garcia.  We partnered with Garcia for his third full length album "The Desperate Ones" in 2005 as one of our very first releases.  Once again Garcia provides a lush, deep and haunting melody.  We are lucky to have the track and I know it will quickly become a favourite.


For our next artist we travelled outside the Yer Bird family and found:

The incomparable Lotte Kestner.  You may be familiar with Kestner's work with Trespassers William and her phenomenal solo album "China Mountain" (2008), see Sandy's review on Slowcoustic here.  Kestner's angelic voice and poetic lyrics will leave you calmed, but wanting more...and more.

Come back next Friday for more inside scoop!

~ Judy & Sandy

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