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Yer Bird Records at CXCW 2012

This year we had a pretty good turnout for the Couch by Couchwest 2012 festivities!  Other than being a sponsor of the event (see our contest), we also had representation from Greater Pacific, Hezekiah Jones, John Statz and Pickering Pick!

See some videos below and make sure to visit the original post on the CXCW site to give it a "Like!" as well.

Hezekiah Jones :: Last Parade on Ann Street (Chris Bathgate Cover - CXCW 2012) from Yer Bird Records on Vimeo.





Couch by Couchwest: John Statz - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue from John Statz on Vimeo.



Pickering Pick - Everything Is Better for Couch By Couchwest 2012 (CXCW2012) from cravenmonket on Vimeo.



Great videos, right?  Looking forward to next year already...


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Hezekiah Jones perform "Borrowed Heart" on WYCE

Great new video of Hezekiah Jones performing the track 'Borrowed Heart' from their Shaking Through Session (see that video and grab the song) is now online courtesy of WYCE radio & the Grand Rapids Community Media Center.  Check it out below!

Hezekiah Jones - "Borrowed Heart"

Songs From the Second Floor is a collaboration between WYCE (88.1fm) and GRTV of the Grand Rapids Community Media Center.


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Shaking Through Session with Hezekiah Jones!

Shaking Through: Hezekiah Jones from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.


Absolutely amazing video of the creation of Hezekiah Jones newest track "Borrowed Heart".  Please swing by the good folks at Weathervane Music and Shaking Through for a complete story (here).  Thanks to everyone involved with the production of this whole experience and for curator Bruce Warren for recommending Philadelphia's premier folk ensemble!

All involved:

Raphael Cutrufello
Philip D'Agostino
Brad Hinton
Andrew Lipke
Tom Bendel
Kiley Ryan
Alison Wadsworth
Annachristie Sadler
Beatrice Sadler
Cassandra Sadler

 Director of Photography
Phil Bradshaw

Sean Maher

Brian Jordan

Still Photography
Peter English

Peter English

Executive Producer
Andy Williams

Brian McTear
Peter English

Jon Low


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"Have You Seen Our New Fort?" now available...celebrate with live Hezekiah Jones tracks!


*photo by Lisa Schaffer

In honour of Hezekiah Jones' upcoming album release next week (see here), we are going to post some tracks from a great live performance from the band!  The performance is from 2009 and recorded at one of the band's favorite local venues, The Fire.  Let's start off easy with a fantastic live version of thier Lemonheads cover "Drug Buddy".

Hezekiah Jones, Live @ The Fire, 2/19/09

"Drug Buddy (Lemonheads/Evan Dando Cover)"

"Cupcakes for the Army"

"Albert Hash"

"Iowa Alligator"

"I Am a Cinematographer (Palace Brothers Cover)"

"Everybody's in a Band (Two Dollar Guitar Cover)"

"That Panel Where The Soap Is At On The Machines"

"How You Feel About Traveling"

**Special Thanks to Fresh Produce Studios for this recording!**

Return here each day up until the release next Tuesday, March 29th and we will upload another song from the show!


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New Videos for Hezekiah Jones and Greater Pacific!

Busy week for Yer Bird Records and videos!  Both Hezekiah Jones and Greater Pacific unveiled videos for songs from new and upcoming releases.

To start, earlier this week Slowcoustic premiered the video for Hezekiah Jones "Lift the Shadow From This Heart" from the upcoming album "Have You Seen Our New Fort?".  The video was created by Morgan King (you know, THE Morgan King who founded Yer Bird Records) and it is a true experience.  Combined with the eerie but surprisingly peaceful footage, the stunning track from Hezekiah Jones simply makes it a keeper.  Watch it below.

"Lift the Shadow From This Heart" - Hezekiah Jones from Yer Bird Records on Vimeo.



We also had a nice surprise in a great animation video for Greater Pacific's "Your History" - the video was created completely in Adobe Flash by Sean BokenKamp.  It's a bit campy, a lot of fun and it is another excuse to listen to the fantastic Greater Pacific EP!  Listen and watch below.

Greater Pacific - "Your History" from Sean Bokenkamp on Vimeo.




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