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Ghosts I've Met sees limited vinyl release of 'From A Spark' - available now!


Limited Vinyl?  Ghosts I've Met?  Yes, it's true.  Today marks the release of the 12" vinyl LP for Ghosts I've Met's 'From A Spark' album.  Swing by the Yer Bird Store to pick up this beautiful 12" translucent vinyl offering from our own Seattle singer songwriter.  Beautifully transitioned to vinyl (and recorded at 45 rpm for additional listening pleasure) is almost too pretty to play...almost.  The original artwork from Sam Richardson is stunning in full size and you don't want to miss out on this.

The album is in a limited run, so once gone it is gone and can be purchased from our store as well as from Sam Watts directly at all upcoming shows of Ghosts I've Met.

Happy Monday.


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Ghosts I've Met release "From A Spark" today!


The new full length album from Seattle's Ghosts I've Met entitled "From A Spark" sees it's digital worldwide release today!  Make sure to visit one of the online retailers of choice or our own store to purchase your copy today.

Sam Watts once again brings the soundtrack to those long mornings and early evenings with soft acoustics, delicate piano and his signature vocals.  Enjoy 9 songs of what comfort can be.


Stream the album:


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Folk Music For What Lies Ahead Released Today!

Today sees the long awaited (for us at least) release of the 18 track compilation "Folk Music For What Lies Ahead"!

We have blathered on about it numerous times, so just visit the compilation page HERE to stream some samples or purchase.  With the amount of great artists included, you really can't go wrong!

You can also pick up the release on your favourite "e-tailer" as well be clicking below:

Enjoy release day!

~Sandy & Judy

Saturday Compilation update - Final artist announcement

Here we are with the last artist announcement for the compilation - tentatively set for a July 6th, 2010 release at this time!

So who is rounding out the compilation - let us tell you!  We are hugely excited to be working with favourites:

The Black Atlantic!  This troupe from the Netherlands is one of the most talented bands we have heard in a long time.  We have an unreleased live track for use and it truly proves that this band is more than what they started on "Reverence For Fallen Trees" from last year.  This band that tours exhaustidly is one that you should seek out if you haven't already becaues you will not be disappointed.


Next our last announcement is the inclusion of one of our most recent Yer Bird artists:

Ghosts I've Met.  With the recent official release of "Payphone Patience" here on Yer Bird Records, we simply cannot get enough of Sam Watts' sound.  If you enjoy incredibly melodic folk infused pop tracks, then you have to go no further.  While "pop" sounds a bit light for Ghosts I've Met - there is just enough of it to meld with the haunting sounds of acoustic guitar, cello and even a bit of lap steel.  We are sure this new song will solidify the fact that you have found an ongoing favourite.

We also opened up our "Folk Music For Series" tab on the left hand side to start checking out the previous and this upcoming collection.

~Sandy & Judy


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Ghosts I've Met "Payphone Patience" Released today!


We are proud to announce that our newest release is now available from our online store - get your digital download of Ghosts I've Met's "Payphone Patience" EP!  This EP is full of strings, soaring soundscapes and fronted from the very talented Sam Watts.  There will be big things to come form Watts & Co in the future - so get in on the ground floor with the official release of the EP.

See a bit more on the Ghosts I've Met Artist page (get to know GIM via the social links) & Album page (listen to the title track).

Welcome aboard Sam!

~Sandy & Judy

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