Pickering Pick's 'Tiger Balm' released today!


Pickering Pick's newest album "Tiger Balm" is now officially released and available for download at our label store...right now!  Grab a sample stream and download of "Like A River" on the Pickering Pick album page as well.

You will also find the 10 track digital release available world-wide on all your major online stores - in case you need assistance, just click below!


Stream the album:



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Ghosts I've Met sees limited vinyl release of 'From A Spark' - available now!


Limited Vinyl?  Ghosts I've Met?  Yes, it's true.  Today marks the release of the 12" vinyl LP for Ghosts I've Met's 'From A Spark' album.  Swing by the Yer Bird Store to pick up this beautiful 12" translucent vinyl offering from our own Seattle singer songwriter.  Beautifully transitioned to vinyl (and recorded at 45 rpm for additional listening pleasure) is almost too pretty to play...almost.  The original artwork from Sam Richardson is stunning in full size and you don't want to miss out on this.

The album is in a limited run, so once gone it is gone and can be purchased from our store as well as from Sam Watts directly at all upcoming shows of Ghosts I've Met.

Happy Monday.


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Pickering Pick to release "Tiger Balm" via Yer Bird Records!

Pickering Pick (long time friend) joins with Yer Bird Records (long time fans) for the release of his next album "Tiger Balm"!  We are very excited to be working with Mr. Pick on the album and we should see the digital release by end of June 2011.

The album is 10 tracks of what you come to expect from the library of previous work - a fantastic acoustic/folk inspired collection of laments.  These are beautiful songs here people, you will want to have this album, trust us.

There will be more info in the coming weeks with all the official stuff - we just wanted to let y'all know already!

For now, feel free to check out previous releases from Pickering Pick on Last.fm & Rate Your Music - you can also follow him on Twitter here.


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Shaking Through Session with Hezekiah Jones!

Shaking Through: Hezekiah Jones from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.


Absolutely amazing video of the creation of Hezekiah Jones newest track "Borrowed Heart".  Please swing by the good folks at Weathervane Music and Shaking Through for a complete story (here).  Thanks to everyone involved with the production of this whole experience and for curator Bruce Warren for recommending Philadelphia's premier folk ensemble!

All involved:

Raphael Cutrufello
Philip D'Agostino
Brad Hinton
Andrew Lipke
Tom Bendel
Kiley Ryan
Alison Wadsworth
Annachristie Sadler
Beatrice Sadler
Cassandra Sadler

 Director of Photography
Phil Bradshaw

Sean Maher

Brian Jordan

Still Photography
Peter English

Peter English

Executive Producer
Andy Williams

Brian McTear
Peter English

Jon Low


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Ghosts I've Met release "From A Spark" today!


The new full length album from Seattle's Ghosts I've Met entitled "From A Spark" sees it's digital worldwide release today!  Make sure to visit one of the online retailers of choice or our own store to purchase your copy today.

Sam Watts once again brings the soundtrack to those long mornings and early evenings with soft acoustics, delicate piano and his signature vocals.  Enjoy 9 songs of what comfort can be.


Stream the album:


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