Yer Bird Records at CXCW 2012

This year we had a pretty good turnout for the Couch by Couchwest 2012 festivities!  Other than being a sponsor of the event (see our contest), we also had representation from Greater Pacific, Hezekiah Jones, John Statz and Pickering Pick!

See some videos below and make sure to visit the original post on the CXCW site to give it a "Like!" as well.

Hezekiah Jones :: Last Parade on Ann Street (Chris Bathgate Cover - CXCW 2012) from Yer Bird Records on Vimeo.





Couch by Couchwest: John Statz - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue from John Statz on Vimeo.



Pickering Pick - Everything Is Better for Couch By Couchwest 2012 (CXCW2012) from cravenmonket on Vimeo.



Great videos, right?  Looking forward to next year already...


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Tyler Butler's Winter King now available!

Today is the day folks!  Today you can grab your copy of Tyler Butler's re-released Winter King album (see more info on his album page). 

The album has grown to 10 tracks for the 2012 release from the original 8 tracks (with some additional re-mastering) and those two bonus tracks are a new recording of his local favourite 'Feral Horse' and the previously un-heard title track, Winter King!  Visit our Store or if you are a fan of the Bandcamp, visit HERE.



Stream the album:


We are also doing a promotion via Slowcoustic where we are selling some of the very limited CDs we had printed for PR use - if you need a physical copy of this incredible album, you best head over there quick!


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Yer Bird Records Celebrates Launch of Couch by Couchwest 2012 With Give-away!

To broke to hit SXSW?  Don't want to sleep on the floor after desperately waiting in line to get in to an overfull Austin club to see a band you kind-of like?  Well, you can all go to CXCW and enjoy all the "comforts of home" instead!!  Oh, and CXCW has all your favourite artists within easy "press play" distance and nobody is spilling cheap draft beer on you....well, we can't guarantee that last part...

As we truly enjoy this type of festival so much we had to get involved.  So, for the 2nd annual CXCW fest we are giving away two CD bundles to those participating in a Twitter/Facebook Haiku Contest.  Sound harder than it is, trust us.  Simply visit the contest page HERE for the details to win some free CDs (and probably a few select secret extras thrown in for good measure).

Remember to visit CXCW over the next week and a half for lots of music and good fun.  There will even be some videos showing up from our own Pickering Pick, John Statz, Greater Pacific and possibly a couple more if we can get them off the couch!

CXCW: Twitter | Facebook


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Upcoming house show & new videos for Tyler Butler's Winter King album release!

"Barghest" performed by Tyler Butler from the upcoming Winter King album to be released on Yer Bird Records on March 20th, 2012.

Filmed & Edited by Dylan Rhys Howard.
Location: Edmonton, Alberta.

View all videos over at



Those of you in the Calgary area will also have the opportunity to see Tyler Butler at an intimate house show at the "House of Commons" on Saturday, March 17th.  Yes, a St. Patrick's day show!  A bit more info is on the Facebook Event.  Come say hi if you are in the area...we just might have some CDs and stickers to hand out to a lucky few!


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Hezekiah Jones perform "Borrowed Heart" on WYCE

Great new video of Hezekiah Jones performing the track 'Borrowed Heart' from their Shaking Through Session (see that video and grab the song) is now online courtesy of WYCE radio & the Grand Rapids Community Media Center.  Check it out below!

Hezekiah Jones - "Borrowed Heart"

Songs From the Second Floor is a collaboration between WYCE (88.1fm) and GRTV of the Grand Rapids Community Media Center.


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Tyler Butler's Winter King Video Series

Tyler Butler has embarked on a live video frenzy, and this is a good thing. Every week up until the album release of Winter King, we will be uploading another live video performance of one of the songs onto our Vimeo account. These Dylan Rhys Howard filmed/edited videos are a great alternate take on each of the album's songs and are not to be missed. As of today, we have already unveiled the tracks Plover and Kingfisher and you can watch them below.

Keep an eye out on the Winter King website to see all the videos as they get uploaded each Tuesday morning!


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