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The Great American Desert's 'Carson City' now available for pre-order

The new album from Nebraskan singer songwriter Max Holmquist (The Great American Desert) is now available for pre-order via his new Bandcamp page!  Visit HERE or see below to stream/download the title track and pre-order the new vinyl or digital album.

As a bonus, any pre-orders for the vinyl LP will receive a limited CD copy of the album as well!  The CD is only for the pre-order and album release shows and will not be for resale.  Don't miss out on it.


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The Great American Desert to release 'Carson City' on June 26th, 2012

The Great American Desert - Carson City Album Cover

Yer Bird Records is very excited to be bringing news of our next release from Nebraska artist The Great American Desert!  The name is performing moniker of singer songwriter Max Holmquist who brings his incredible "Carson City" album to Yer Bird Records on June 26th, 2012.

You might remember Max Holmquist under his previous recording name "South of Lincoln" and he keeps his Nebraskan roots intact with his name change to The Great American Desert.  Information on the Artist, the album and it's release will be updated very soon but for now you can see the track listing on his album page and links to his social space via the artist page.  The album will be released in digital and vinyl formats so keep your eye on this space!

For now, listen to a one-take live demo from one of the album tracks "Whiteclay" below;


UPDATE: Hear the title track, Carson City song premiere as well as an interview with Max Holmquist over at Hear Nebraska!

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White Pines to release new EP 'Plume of Ash' on April 17th, 2012

Joseph Scott (White Pines) is set to release his EP Plume of Ash here on Yer Bird Records on April 17th, 2012!  Plume of Ash is a 5 song journey back into what has made White Pines one of our favourite artists - his unique blend of quiet acoustic style tracks melding into sonic soundscapes.  This release slips nicely in line with his previous full length The Falls (see here), see the EP track-listing below and look for more information in the next few days...and possibly...some new sounds.

White Pines - Plume of Ash

  1. Bluebird
  2. Bending In
  3. Plume of Ash
  4. Drowning
  5. Survive

Additionally, after saving the date for this release - you should be finding time to see White Pines play live.  Some new dates are below (we will update with more details on each shortly):

  • 4/5 - Stone Tavern in Kent, Ohio
  • 4/13 - Canton, Ohio
  • 4/22 - Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio (opening for Lambchop!!)



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Shot At The Dark presents: Tyler Butler

SHOT AT THE DARK - TYLER BUTLER from Shot at The Dark on Vimeo.


Tyler Butler performs his track "Plover" from the recently released Winter King album for the local Calgary video series 'Shot At The Dark' (visit).  Despite the cool and grey weather, it turned out to be a great experience and it even lent to overall vibe for the video. 

Thanks to Brock Mitchell over at Shot At The Dark for all his efforts on this session!


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Yer Bird Records at CXCW 2012

This year we had a pretty good turnout for the Couch by Couchwest 2012 festivities!  Other than being a sponsor of the event (see our contest), we also had representation from Greater Pacific, Hezekiah Jones, John Statz and Pickering Pick!

See some videos below and make sure to visit the original post on the CXCW site to give it a "Like!" as well.

Hezekiah Jones :: Last Parade on Ann Street (Chris Bathgate Cover - CXCW 2012) from Yer Bird Records on Vimeo.





Couch by Couchwest: John Statz - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue from John Statz on Vimeo.



Pickering Pick - Everything Is Better for Couch By Couchwest 2012 (CXCW2012) from cravenmonket on Vimeo.



Great videos, right?  Looking forward to next year already...


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