Yer Bird Records Celebrates Launch of Couch by Couchwest 2012 With Give-away!

To broke to hit SXSW?  Don't want to sleep on the floor after desperately waiting in line to get in to an overfull Austin club to see a band you kind-of like?  Well, you can all go to CXCW and enjoy all the "comforts of home" instead!!  Oh, and CXCW has all your favourite artists within easy "press play" distance and nobody is spilling cheap draft beer on you....well, we can't guarantee that last part...

As we truly enjoy this type of festival so much we had to get involved.  So, for the 2nd annual CXCW fest we are giving away two CD bundles to those participating in a Twitter/Facebook Haiku Contest.  Sound harder than it is, trust us.  Simply visit the contest page HERE for the details to win some free CDs (and probably a few select secret extras thrown in for good measure).

Remember to visit CXCW over the next week and a half for lots of music and good fun.  There will even be some videos showing up from our own Pickering Pick, John Statz, Greater Pacific and possibly a couple more if we can get them off the couch!

CXCW: Twitter | Facebook


Posted on March 10, 2012 and filed under Site News.