"Have You Seen Our New Fort?" now available...celebrate with live Hezekiah Jones tracks!


*photo by Lisa Schaffer

In honour of Hezekiah Jones' upcoming album release next week (see here), we are going to post some tracks from a great live performance from the band!  The performance is from 2009 and recorded at one of the band's favorite local venues, The Fire.  Let's start off easy with a fantastic live version of thier Lemonheads cover "Drug Buddy".

Hezekiah Jones, Live @ The Fire, 2/19/09

"Drug Buddy (Lemonheads/Evan Dando Cover)"

"Cupcakes for the Army"

"Albert Hash"

"Iowa Alligator"

"I Am a Cinematographer (Palace Brothers Cover)"

"Everybody's in a Band (Two Dollar Guitar Cover)"

"That Panel Where The Soap Is At On The Machines"

"How You Feel About Traveling"

**Special Thanks to Fresh Produce Studios for this recording!**

Return here each day up until the release next Tuesday, March 29th and we will upload another song from the show!


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