New Videos for Hezekiah Jones and Greater Pacific!

Busy week for Yer Bird Records and videos!  Both Hezekiah Jones and Greater Pacific unveiled videos for songs from new and upcoming releases.

To start, earlier this week Slowcoustic premiered the video for Hezekiah Jones "Lift the Shadow From This Heart" from the upcoming album "Have You Seen Our New Fort?".  The video was created by Morgan King (you know, THE Morgan King who founded Yer Bird Records) and it is a true experience.  Combined with the eerie but surprisingly peaceful footage, the stunning track from Hezekiah Jones simply makes it a keeper.  Watch it below.

"Lift the Shadow From This Heart" - Hezekiah Jones from Yer Bird Records on Vimeo.



We also had a nice surprise in a great animation video for Greater Pacific's "Your History" - the video was created completely in Adobe Flash by Sean BokenKamp.  It's a bit campy, a lot of fun and it is another excuse to listen to the fantastic Greater Pacific EP!  Listen and watch below.

Greater Pacific - "Your History" from Sean Bokenkamp on Vimeo.




Posted on February 19, 2011 and filed under Greater Pacific, Hezekiah Jones, Video.