Pre-Order Luke Elliot's "Death of a Widow" now!



Did you think that we had nothing but our compilation in the works?

Well our very own troubadour Luke Elliot has been hard at work recording another EP of music that will see it's official release on August 10th 24th, 2010.  I say "official" because you have the opportunity to pick up the 5 track EP for $4.00 when purchased prior to the release day when it moves to $5.00 per digital copy.


  1. Get 'em While They're Hot
  2. When That Great Ship Went Down
  3. Thing to Thing
  4. The World ain't a Friend of Mine
  5. Death of a Widow

If you are not sure about a purchase or if you are looking for a little look into the EP, look no further than a recent post on Awaiting The Flood:

"You don’t so much listen to Luke Elliot’s music as you absorb it — almost like a steaming aural shower that washes over you, and it stings a bit."

That is just the opener, how about:

"Overall, Death of A Widow has a dusty, timeless quality like that of roaming balladeers, buskers, honky tonk saloon piano players, and this is especially prevalent on the title track. Elliot covers so much ground here that it’s difficult to keep up, but the song is swaddled in melodies befitting a religious hymn. Again, with repeated listenings you pick up little gems here and there. It helps, too, that he’s backed by some amazing New York City musicians: Richard Russano (electric guitar), Ryan Stokes (drums, accordion, trumpet), Ben Fleisher (bass) and Mike Skaggs (bass)."

*(Read the full article at Awaiting The Flood)

So swing on by the store to pick up your pre-order now.  Don't be shy as well, there may be additional gems available for this release shortly - watch this space!


Posted on July 16, 2010 and filed under Luke Elliot.