Friday Compilation Update, Part 8!

Welcome once again to an update on some more artists for the upcoming Folk Music For What Lies Ahead (is this update 8!!??).  We are coming down the home stretch, finishing up the artwork and should have something for all you in June (mid June hopefully).  Wanna know a couple more artists that will be featured?  Yeah, you do.

Today, we are again giving ourselves virtual high fives for the opportunity to once again feature a track from:

Matthew Ryan!  We are sure you all are aware of this gravel voice artist that was also featured on "Folk Music For The End Of The World.  Ryan never dissapoints and if you have been following him you know that he has numerous albums that tell this tale (and of which all are worthy of owning).  We are glad to have the opportunity to use one of his newly available acoustic tracks...virtual high five.  Ryan has done something that we really appreaciate - took his great Dear Lover songs and gave them an acoustic remodel - fully solo acoustic versions of the entire album!  Well you will be able to have one of those tracks joined into our collection of acts on this project.  Again....virtual high five.


Next we have a bit of a newcomer, well not really a new, but we hope to shed some light on

John Goraj.  John is probably one of the nicest guys around and in turn he also creates some of the most stunning songs you will hear.  With a vocal delivery that lends to both a hushed and haunting track all the way to something you might burst out singing along to.  If you haven't already, you should check out his album "Possible" as you will then know how possible it will be to truly get lost in the music of Goraj.  We have an unrelased track that has taken over our listening attention and we are sure that you will join us in our appreciation for his talent.

~Sandy & Judy

Posted on May 14, 2010 and filed under Compilation.