Yes, it's Friday...Comp Update!

Are you getting tired of all this carrot dangling?  Well it is getting closer folks, every day gets you closer to this collection of 18 tracks!  Lets get to it.

Today we'd like to announce more talent into the pool that is "...what lies ahead".  And once again, we are very pleased with ourselves in confirming:

Strand of Oaks!  Yes, it's true, we have a new unreleased track from Tim Showalter (or Strand of Oaks as we all know him).  Tim provides us with a sparse number that laments of a now one sided relationship.  There is always reminising on past love and I'm sure we have all thought the same thing at least once when Tim hauntingly chants " me again".  Surprisingly, it still feels hopeful and cleansing on the palette...enough so you only want to play it again.


We also have another great track from one of our favourite new songwriters out there:

Paul Masson.  This is the type of guy who sings everything into a song, and you are front and center with it.  His delivery is reminiscent of Ray LaMontagne if he were a little more gritty...possibly.  We think the song, which is a fully acoustic version of one of the tracks from his self titled EP (find that EP here), it is such a strong song that it will probably open the disc - it's a stunner and it will embrace your ears to bring you full force into "...what lies ahead".

~Sandy & Judy


Posted on April 23, 2010 and filed under Compilation.