Friday Compilation Update, Part 4!

Hey all, we wanted to quickly advise of a couple more artists for the Folk Music For What Lies Ahead - so check below!

If one artist defined who we were, are and hope to be, it would be our next artist.  We welcome:

Hezekiah Jones!  Yes, we have convinced Raph and crew to provide an unreleased track for use and its another great example why he is a staple of the Philadelphia independent music scene.  We are still stunned by the Bread of Teeth EP and look forward to his next release of this pensive singer-songwriter meets bring the house down folk artist!  Recently featured on Break Through Radio's "Spotlight on the City" segment for Philly (see April 13th podcast on BTR), Hezekiah Jones is proving to be one of our favourite artists to watch.


We have also found ourselves working with the incomprable:

Micah Blue Smaldone!  Micah is one of those artists that create an experience for the listener.  His music takes you in, warms you and feels like it was always there but you just didn't know it yet.  One of the main reasons we found Micah is due to his absolutely stellar album "The Red River" from a couple of years back.  That album was such a moment, his sharp accents on the acoustic guitar followed by that voice - it was one of the most criminally underappreciated (outside of certain circles) album in a long time.  This time he has provided a song from the Red River Album sessions - you will once again get to find yourself immersed in this almost 8 minute opus.

There you have another update on what will be filling your ears this June!

~Sandy & Judy

Posted on April 16, 2010 and filed under Compilation, Hezekiah Jones.