Hezekiah Jones perform "Cannonball" for Sofar Sounds

Let it not be said that Philadelphia doesn't enjoy a close knit musical community. Our own Hezekiah Jones are seen here performing "Cannonball" at a secret performance in Philadelphia in November 2012 as part of Sofar Sounds Philadelphia's one year anniversary event!

Find out more on Hezekiah Jones on their artist page, you can also find Sofar Sounds on their website and to listen to the album version of the song, you can find that over on Bandcamp!

Posted on March 20, 2013 .

Small Houses album "Exactly Where You Wanted To Be" set for release on Feb. 26th, 2013!

Yer Bird Records has a new album coming out in February and it is from Michigan native Jeremy Quentin!  Jeremy Quentin who records as Small Houses is now based in Philadelphia and is bringing his album "Exactly Where You Wanted To Be" to the Yer Bird Records Indie Folk Roster.

The 8 track album brings Quentin's delicate acoustics, signature vocals and many of his troubadour stories of real life.  The album was created in Michigan with help from Andy Catlin, Elizabeth Pixley Fink and Philip D'Agostino (who you may know from the many recordings of Hezekiah Jones). 

The album brings beautifully layered sepia toned vignettes of hazy afternoons and fond memories.  We know you will enjoy it as much as we have. 

Official digital release is February 26th, 2013 (with some CDs available at live shows and possibly the Bandcamp page).  More information will be released along with some sounds in the next few weeks!  Till then.


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First single from new Pickering Pick album now streaming!


The first single from (Tropic), Pickering Pick's new album due January 15th, 2013 is now streaming and available for "pay what you want" via our Bandcamp Page HERE!  The song is called Standing Stone and it is a piano ballad you don't want to miss.

As a bonus you will also find a B-Side that will not be on the album called On The Edge Of The Light.



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Pickering Pick to release (Tropic) - January 15, 2013

(Tropic) by Pickering Pick will see a early 2013 release here at Yer Bird Records.  We are excited to once again release an album from one of the best new folk artists out there today.  We could be biased.

More information will be released in the coming weeks and some samples may surface very soon.  For now, the artwork is above and the full track-listing is below!

Pickering Pick - (Tropic)

Chance is Gone
Rising Sign
Standing Stone
The Summer's Always Dying For The Fall
Stream of You
Lee of the Mountain
Don't Talk Anymore
Echo of the Storm

For now, you can always find more info on the Pickering Pick page here on our site or follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook. 



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New album, Incandescent, from Greater Pacific out September 4th, 2012

The debut full length album from Greater Pacific sees its release on September 4th right here on Yer Bird Records!  We are excited to have the crew back after their EP release of 'Rainfall' early last year.  This time you find the album Incandescent a full 12 tracks immersed in their signature laid back Americana.  You might even get some keyboards alongside that great pedal steel!

Also of note, the original artwork for the cover is from new friend Karl Haglund - check him out on his website here.

Take a listen below to And You All Remain With Me from the new album, Incandescent!


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