"Elliot creates predominately dark-hued musical landscapes which serves as backdrop to his tales of love, heartbreak and obsession. There are elements of Americana (specifically Faulkner, Dylan and Cohen) in this disc’s five tracks but Elliot ‘modernizes’ the classic Americana sound into something that is both delicate but dangerous." - Brooklyn Rocks Blog

"Elliot and his band craft focused arrangements where slinky grooves and a tense sonic spaciousness come across as genuinely sexy or menacing. He still pulls up his haunted yowl when he needs to, but that unhinged character of his voice is punctuation here rather than the entire point; there’s a confidence and resolve in his voice that allow his folksy melodies to stick in one’s mind. I’m no closer to understanding what Elliot wants us to get while they’re hot in “Get ’Em While They’re Hot” (which appeared in a very different arrangement on that earlier EP), but I’m much more inclined to take his word for it now." - New Haven Advocate on the "Death of a Widow" EP

"The singer/songwriter....writes piano-based pop that has a real old-time feel. It’s really timeless music, the kind of tunes you could easily imagine coming out in the ’70s. It’s big, well-produced and filled with instrumental surprises."  - New Haven Register on "Making a Mix with..."