“Cancer and Delirium isn’t exactly the most catchy or sexy album title, but with material this stark, beautiful, and compelling, it doesn't matter…If this is your first time coming into contact with his sparse, breathy, and breathtaking music, all the better. Like a good wine, Tillman merely gets better with time.” – Barbara Mitchell, The Stranger

"His songs tell of broken hearts and rootless wandering and emotional disillusionment, but belief, or lack thereof, is the dynamo humming in the background." LA Times

"Stripped down to the core, these songs don't swagger, or instantaneously vie for your attention, but slowly--magically, almost--float into your head; before you know it, it's hard to imagine that any other song fit as perfectly.  It's a gift--a songwriter's ability to create something (lyrically and musically) that speaks volumes without being over the top/in your face--universal and personal at the same time, and Tillman has it.  With his new album, out on Yer Bird Records, J. Tillman has created some of the most beautiful/engaging songs you're likely to hear in 2007." - SCTAS

"...'Visions of a Troubled Mind' sums up everything fantastic about his work. He doesn’t rely on anything, except his ear and his smoky voice. With instrumentation so soft you have to strain to hear, you get swept up in the wave of emotion his words deliver. As the song ends, you are left exhausted, but somehow craving more...

I’d like to describe this record, talking about every subtle squeak on the fret board, every nuance of his voice, but these songs are truly better heard than described." - Herohill