"Remedy Owls" - painting by Kathleen Lolley

"Remedy Owls" - painting by Kathleen Lolley

Folk Music For The End Of The World

Yer Bird Records is proud to present this collection of new, unreleased and rare recordings by both our label artists as well as some of our very favorite musicians.

We feel that this collection of music represents where folk music lives and breathes. These are ruminations on hope and sorrow, love and destruction.

1. Paleo - Swimming in Money
2. Chris Bathgate - A Flash of Light Followed By

3. Alina Simone - Gunshots

4. Chauchat - Smokin' Paint

5. Hayden - Message From London

6. Allyn Latorre - On the Banks of the River

7. J. Tillman - Barter Blues

8. Oweihops - Sad Little Drunks

9. Sarah White - Part of the Story

10. Elephant Micah - Korean Sunset

11. Nic Garcia - Torn Up in the Machine

12.O'Death - Angeline

13. The Hotel Ghost - Lay Me Down

14. Travel By Sea - Too Much Too Quickly

15. The Gunshy - No One Remembers the Drunk

16. Matthew Ryan - Gone For Good

17. Hezekiah Jones - Mississippi Sea

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